LMI Welding has done many one of a kind type projects

LMI Welding has made many of these
"Fence n Buddies"

Available in a one roll version, "The Fence Fixer" come with 2 compartments for buckets to hold staples, fencing tools and clips. The fence strecher rides on a hook setup that keeps it with you in the rough stuff but is easy to get out when needed. We added a small compartment on the side for gloves and small items and a handy holder for the morning coffee, bottled water, or for that cold beverage at the end of a long day fencing.

The 2 roll model "The Fence Builder" carries 2 rolls of wire so you can have both a roll of barbed and a roll of barbless for the cornerposts or lay out 2 rolls of wire at a time. This one features one compartment for a bucket for staples and tools, the hooks for the fence stretchers and of course the drink holder.

The LMI Fence n Buddies mount thru existing holes on Polaris machines and with a simple clamp assembly for attaching to other rack systems.
This accessory keeps all your fencing equipment close to where you are working,saving time and steps and helping you get the the job done fast.

Priced at $150.00 for either model the "Fence n Buddy will pay for itself in no time at all.

This machine is a hub boring machine designed and built for the Western Wheel and Wagon Shop in Wolf Point Montana. This machine uses modern technology to machine precision bores for the hub boxing in hand built wagon wheels. The wagon wheel is clamped into the self centering jaws on one end of the machine, a hydraulic motor then turns the wheel slowly as another hydraulic powered boring bar with cutting tools attached to it, bore a perfectly tapered hole in the center of the wheel. The boxing or bearing, is then pressed into the bore. They are very few of these machines in existence and we would like to thank Wheelwrite Fred Hanson of the Western Wheel and Wagon shop for allowing us to build one to his specifications.

Pictured is a 7 inch high branding iron designed for a local rancher to brand outbuilding doors, gate posts, outdoor furniture etc.

This oil well service rig was built by LMI Welding Inc. in 1982. It is powered by a Detroit Diesel engine. All components with the exception of the GMC truck, draw works and right angle drive were built or assembled by LMI Welding. This rig went to work in 1982 and has been in the Montana oil fields since that time.