• Raises bottom of seat 2 ½ inches
  • More comfort and visibility for rear seat passengers.
  • Increased under seat storage area.
  • Excellent product for adding upgraded audio equipment
  • Kit is easily installed
  • Powder coated finish
  • Money back guarantee
  • Made in the USA
LMI Welding now has a 2 inch rear seat lift kit for the 2009 and newer Supercrew and supercab trucks

    The LMI 0925 SC is designed for the 2009 -2014 Super Crew. It raises the entire rear seat 2 inches. This gives you the extra storage needed for audio equipment and also extra storage.

    The LMI 0425 SC raises the bottom of the rear seat 2 inches. This kit is used in the 2004-2008 Super Crew as well as the 2004-2014 Super Cab. Instalation of this kit allows much more comfort, visibility, and under seat storage for the owners of these fine Ford Trucks. This area is suited for use for audio equipment, toolboxes, camping gear or just a convenient place to store all the "stuff" the truck owner needs. The kit is a bolt in installation that raises the bottom of the rear seat and leaves the seat back in the same position as from the factory. Installation is very straightforward and will only take a couple hours. The new brackets bolt in and the kit is installed easily with only a few simple adjustments to make the completed installation everything that you want from a seat lift kit. The kit goes in very easily and the instructions have been improved and now provide illustrations to help with the smooth installation of our product.
Click on each picture to enlarge.
Click on each picture to enlarge.
LMI Welding has made provisions for the remounting of the speaker set that is available on these trucks. The completed installation looks just like factory equipment.

The LMI 0425 SC fits all 2004 2014 Super Cab and 2004 2008 Super Crew trucks. Pricing on the 2 -inch lift kit is $145.00 plus $18.00 Shipping weight is 9 lbs.

The LMI 0925 SC fits all 2009 - 2014 Super Crew trucks. Pricing on either of these 2 inch kits is $145.00 plus $18.00 shipping and handling. ORDER TODAY

The LMI 1525 SC fits all 2015 and newer Super Crew and Super Cab Trucks. The LMI 1525 SC also fits all the 2017 F-150 through the F-350 Aluminum Body trucks. These are the "aluminum body trucks" Pricing is the same as all other kits.