LMI Welding
ATV Trailer

Filling a different niche in
the ATV trailer world is
LMI Welding's ATV trailer.
This Montana-based
manufacturer makes a top
notch trailer that can
handle all types of abuse. The trailer assembles
easily, and is very well built.

The 48-inch width and large tires of the LMI
Welding's ATV trailer help it track well, even
in rough terrain.

A great feature of this trailer is its suspension
system. The two housings are rated at 500 lbs each. When
trailering heavy loads, the suspension really made a difference as trailer bounce was greatly reduced. Even when loaded with 450 lbs. of sandbags, the trailer did not bounce. The trailer kit also comes with two knobby tires on steel wheels that impressed us. LMI Welding didn't cut any corners with the tires as they feature a tread similar to that of Titans Turf Tamer. The trailers basket is 48-inches long, and the wheelbase of the trailer is as wide as most ATVs. To accommodate even longer loads, the trailer has removable front and rear gates. When removed the gates mount out of the way on the side of the box. In addition, the trailer has an extendable tongue to accommodate the longer loads, and make backing easier. The trailer attaches to the ATV using a standard hitch with a 2 inch ball. On our rough woods course, the trailer tracked well when empty, the combination of the two suspension housings and the tires allowed the trailer to perform flawlessly when heavily loaded.

This trailer is a perfect fit for those who need to carry large, heavy loads through all types of terrain, particularly rough terrain. For transporting a harvested deer, this trailer would be ideal.

The trailer retails for $795 plus shipping and is available directly from LMI Welding.

*Reprinted with permission from Ehlert Publishing Group, Inc.