• Removable front and rear gates
  • Independent rubber ride suspension
  • 22x8x11 tubeless ATV tires
  • Track width the same as most ATVs
  • Hitch bar slides in and out for
    adjustable tongue length and storage positions
  • 2 inch quick attaching coupler on hitch
  • 12 inches of ground clearance
  • Trailer load capacity of 750 lbs.
  • 48 inch long deck for large loads
  • Plywood deck is easily constructed for two levels of storage
  • Available in red, yellow, green, white or black. Special colors on request.
  • This trailer is for off road use only.
Solid sides and gates are also available at no extra cost.


Please call for current pricing

Please call for current pricing

This unique trailer will allow you to expand on the usefulness of your ATV. The light weight trailer is built tough to stand up to many years of hard service. The trailer features ATV type tires mounted on a rubber ride suspension that lets each side of the trailer ride completely independent of each other. The front and rear gate are both removable and store neatly on the outside of the trailer when not in use. The open area makes room for extra long loads such as fence posts, logs, firewood, Christmas trees, hay bales, etc. With the end gates in place you will have the perfect area for hauling extra fuel, toolboxes or hunting supplies. Farmers and ranchers use this trailer for hauling hay and feed, and fencing supplies, and have found it very good for hauling newborn calves, the open sides let the mother cow see the calf and follow the trailer.

The independent rubber ride suspension gives the trailer 12 inches of ground clearance.   This is equal to or greater than most ATVs on the market.  It also allows for an extremely quiet trailer.  The tapered roller bearings in the hub and spindle will give years of trouble free service and they can be equipped with optional "Bearing Buddy" type greasable dust caps for wet conditions.

On a recent hunting trip we hooked the trailer behind a 300 Honda Four Trax. The trailer was loaded lightly but we could maneuver almost any place we could without the trailer. The feel of the trailer was light, to an almost non-existing feeling, and you could almost forget you had it on. Once the trailer was loaded with approximately 400 lbs. It pulled slightly harder but we never felt as if the ATV could go out of control.

Many of our customers are using the ATV trailer for hunting and are able to haul their hunting gear and game in the trailer and keep their ATVs racks free of equipment that hinders the ride, visability, and most of all this helps keep the center of gravity low to make a safer and more secure ride. They also like the ability to simply unhook from the trailer and take their ATV for excursions into rougher country then simply return to the trailer with all the gear safely in it and continue down the trail.

Another customer built a inexpensive plywood platform that folds to fit in the bottom of the trailer. When he needs more capacity he unfolds the plywood and straps it to the top of the trailer, this gives him a 48x48 inch deck plus a 16 inch high storage area underneath.
The heavy duty construction and large axles and tires will allow the trailer to carry a spray unit that will hold up to 80 gallons of water and could have a boom up to 12-15 feet and a hand spray wand as well. Again this lets you unhook from the trailer and spray unit quickly and use the ATV for other things until it is time to go spray again.

This basket style trailer is the original trailer made by LMI Welding. It has been used and
abused on our farm and ranch for over 4 years and still performs flawlessly.

An easy to attach handle and a caster wheel on the drawbar make the basket trailer work as a heavy duty wheel barrow. The trailer can be loaded, then remove the handle and hook the trailer back to the ATV. This option will make the hard chores in the yard and barn a snap.

Whether the LMI Welding Inc. ATV trailer is used for work around the farm, ranch, nursery or factory or used for hunting or just plain recreation, you can be assured that this is one trailer that you will be proud to own and will last for years and years.

Please call for current pricing